IPW Training School Testimonials

What I’ve enjoyed most about training with IPW is the supportive and accepting culture among the trainers and the trainees. I enjoy the diversity of the group and the training is of the highest standard. If you want to pursue professional wrestling, I can’t recommend IPW’s school enough

– AJ, IPW trainee.

I’ve been training with IPW for over a year now and the mentors are amazing people, spending their time out of their lives to train and guide us to the world of professional wrestling. They have taught me to be confident in my own abilities and do things that I thought I could never do, they have also taught me to exercise which I have never done and I’ve seen the changes with my body getting fitter. I love coming to training every week, the people I train with are very supportive and encouraging, and creating new friendships along the way. The shows are always amazing so thank you so much IPW!

– Benjamin, IPW trainee.

The people here in IPW teach you so much variety in pro wrestling that you will be able to find your style and develop it to make it unique to you. They make sure that you know what you are being taught to ensure that when you begin wrestling, you know what you are doing and make it safe for both you and the people you are working with. Everyone is treated equally and everyone has their own story about themselves. If you want to be a wrestler, a manager or a referee, then make sure you go with IPW.

– Dale, IPW trainee.

Training with IPW has been an invaluable experience for me and has lead to some great opportunities. As a result, I’ve had the privilege of wrestling throughout New Zealand and Australia, and have been blessed to enter the ring with WWE legends. The knowledge and experience of the trainers and talent, as well as an inclusive and supportive training atmosphere ensures there is always something new to learn, in a way that ensures all feel welcome and encouraged. Being able to challenge myself to break through personal barriers to be the wrestler I am today is a credit to IPW and the training I’ve received here.

– Britenay, IPW wrestler.

Being a part of the IPW training school has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life. Trainings are of the highest standard and are such a supportive, low pressure environment, yet I’m still pushed to perform at my best. I’ve met so many incredible people here that I would’ve never met otherwise and are now some of my closest friends. The IPW training school has helped me realize my dream of becoming a professional Wrestler and signing up was the best decision I ever made. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

– Kid Nova, IPW wrestler.