1000th time’s the charm! Conan Wood interview.

At IPW Fallout on May 15th, Jamie Tagataese defeated Niwa in an epic Last Man Standing Match. That bout was also the 1000th match to be officiated by IPW Senior Referee Conan Wood. We sat down with the ‘Hardest Working Referee’ in the country to chat about this career milestone and his passion for NewContinue reading “1000th time’s the charm! Conan Wood interview.”

Let the Divine Light shine! Saint Finn interview.

The Church of the Divine Light recently granted us an exclusive interview with Saint Finn. Since joining the congress in 2019, Finn has been an integral role in it’s success in Impact Pro Wrestling. We discuss how he joined the Divine Light and what his mission is. You started off with Impact Pro Wrestling asContinue reading “Let the Divine Light shine! Saint Finn interview.”

The Nu Blood on the block! Zac Hayle and Kid Nova interview.

We recently caught up with Zac Hayle and Kid Nova, two of NZ wrestling’s most exciting up and coming talents. Debuting in 2020 after graduating from IPW’s training school, Hayle and Nova struggled to find their footing as singles competitors, and have recently joined forces to form the tag team Nu Blood. They speak toContinue reading “The Nu Blood on the block! Zac Hayle and Kid Nova interview.”