Rival Turf Results

Rival Turf 2022 was an epic event with epic consequences for IPW!

Headlined by the five on five elimination tag team match between Team CTRL; Team Captain IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Jake Shehaan, IPW New Zealand Women’s Champion Amber Saint, Horus and The Knights of Mayhem taking on IPW GM David Dunn’s handpicked Team IPW; Team Captain James Shaw (who returned to his red jacket, pre-Divine Light form), Frankie Quinn, Kinkade Cup holder Spartan and IPW New Zealand Tag Team Champions Jamie Tagataese and Charlie Roberts with Dunn in their corner. Every championship was on the line as was control of Impact Pro Wrestling moving forward for CTRL if they won, and the disbanding of the dominant faction if they lost.

Team IPW await their opponents.

The first eliminations saw Horus rolled up early to the shock of the audience. Tagataese was counted out while brawling with the Knights of Mayhem. Amber Saint saw herself pinned by Frankie Quinn who in turn was eliminated by Shehaan, leaving the teams at three-a-piece; Spartan, Shaw and Roberts against Shehaan and the Knights. Shaw, who was convinced by David Dunn to take the spot of Vinny Dunn after ‘Te Tahi’ was unable to compete, may have been able to shed the robes of divinity for the match but he couldn’t shed his ego, arguing with Roberts about who should be competing in the ring saw Spartan inadvertently knocked from the apron to the floor and Shaw eliminated from the match. Roberts fought valiantly until, overcome with jealousy and selfishness, James Shaw delivered a cutter to ‘The Alphalete’ which saw the tag champion eliminated.

Jake Shehaan hits The Purge on James Shaw.

The match was down to Spartan vs. Shehaan and the Kinghts of Mayhem. Three on one. Spartan, cheered on by the fans and a nervous David Dunn was brutalised by the trio before miraculously turning the tide in one of the most inspiring performances IPW has ever seen, eliminating both Knights; Octane and Rufguts to make it one on one between himself and Shehaan. As Spartan and Shehaan clashed in a back and forth battle, fans cheered in the hopes that Spartan would pull off the impossible and just when the modern day gladiator looked poised for victory over the leader of CTRL, Will Stone sauntered out to cash in on Shehaan! This backfired however and the distraction allowed Shehaan to to eliminate Spartan, win the New Zealand Tag Team Championship for the Knights Of Mayhem, the Kinkade Cup for Horus and control of IPW for himself and CTRL. The mood was palpable as CTRL celebrates their win, fans booed and the IPW crew members came to terms with the reality of working under the new regime.

CTRL celebrates their victory.

The impressive undercard saw Kid Nova score his biggest singles win to date over Sir Mr. Burns who failed to bribe the referee, with the Young Nats leader also losing his cash to Nu Blood member.

Kid Nova takes to the skies against Sir Mr. Burns.

Will Stone proved his mettle against JT Hollow in the night’s opening match, pulling out a win over his much more powerful foe before going on to cost everyone in IPW in the main event.

Will Stone hits a flying knee on JT Hollow.

Tom Knowledge appeared to walk away from IPW after a losing effort to Danny Octane, handing his signature top hat and book to David Dunn and leaving dejected after the bout.

Danny Octane attacks Tom Knowledge with a senton.

James Shaw pulled out a win against Matty Short in a fun but hard fought affair.

Matty Short pulls out all the stops against James Shaw.

IPW women’s division originals clashed in a personal and hard hitting affair when Britenay took on Megan-Kate with Carmen Rose. Megan would pull out the win with the help of Carmen and a baseball bat. Following the match, Britenay refused an offer to join forces with the duo.

Megan-Kate locks in the Bitch Tamer on Britenay.

Liger introduced Niu FM’s Coach West to the squared circle and the joys of knife edged chops to the chest in a match where West impressed with his heart and guts despite being unable to pull out the win over the veteran. An impressive debut that may be the start of big things for Coach in IPW.

Liger punishes Coach West with chops.

Rival Turf was an exciting show from start to finish that will have ramifications in IPW for a long time to come.

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Photos by Futophoto.

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