The Eliminator Results

Twenty men clashed in IPW’s annual Rumble Match to earn a contract for a New Zealand Heavyweight Championship Match at any time or place of their choosing. After a wild battle which saw Church and State dominate, impressive outings for new faces such as The Phoenix Tallion, “Rugged” Vic Craig and JT Hollow and an impassioned Spartan eliminating his loathed rival Horus and himself with a devastating clothesline, the battle came down to Will Stone, Vinny Dunn and Alex Savage. Stone would eliminate his mentor Dunn, who despite his obvious frustration, remained at ringside to cheer on his arrogant charge against long-time nemesis Savage. Stone’s arrogance looked as though it would cost him and indeed it was literally the tip of his finger on the bottom rope that saved him from defeat after Alex levelled the Dapper One with a One Winged Angel. The end would come when Will nailed his former tag team partner with a low blow to pick up the victory and the championship match contract.

The winner of the 2022 Eliminator – Will Stone.

The winner of last year’s Eliminator, Jake Shehaan defended the title he won that night and has held ever since, against veteran New Zealand wrestler Taylor Adams in an evenly contested match that had the audience on their feet. Though Adams seem poised to wrest the gold from Shehaan’s control, the champion would pull out an impressive win in the main event.

Jake Shehaan put Taylor Adams away with his Purge Piledriver.

Following the bout, Shehaan asked ring announcer Stevie for the microphone. Stevie handed the champion the mic only to be hit with a shocking low blow. Shehaan surrounded by CTRL cohorts Amber Saint and Horus then demanded IPW GM David Dunn enter the ring. Shehaan berated Dunn for his alleged bias against him and CTRL. In a shocking moment Dunn shook Shehaan with a slap across the face, causing CTRL to swarm around him until Spartan and Charlie Roberts ran in to even the odds. Shehaan challenged Dunn to pick a team for a five on five tag team elimination match at Rival Turf with every title in IPW on the line. Dunn upped the ante by stating that if CTRL won the match, he would do whatever they wanted but if Team IPW won, CTRL would be forced to disband, a stipulation which Shehaan agreed to!

Elsewhere, a frustrated Church & State, upset at being “bullied” in the Eliminator issued an open challenge for a four-on-two handicap match which was answered by Nu Blood, who also pulled out an impressive win over their more experienced opponents.

Nu Blood scored the win against Church & State.

Spartan opened the show by challenging Horus for the Kinkade Cup in a barn burner of a fight which saw Spartan win the Kinkade Cup and end Horus’ 510 day undefeated streak by spearing the misanthrope out of his steel chair!

Spartan finally defeated Horus to become the new Kinkade Cup champion.

The women’s division continued to make waves as Megan-Kate made her long awaited return to in-ring competition in a match with the ever popular Candy Lee. Much to the chagrin of the fans in attendance, Megan-Kate would score the win with help from Carmen Rose, who made her shocking return to IPW. An allegiance of sorts was formed between the pair following the match.

Carmen Rose returned to form an alliance with Megan-Kate

Britenay looked to secure a record setting fifth IPW Women’s Championship reign in a bout with the Glam Reaper, champion Amber Saint. The wrestlers exchanged an array of impressive submission holds and counters in a match that could have gone either way. Following a physically punishing match, Saint was able to force Britenay to tap out and retain her championship.

Britenay submitted to the Hexecution.

With The Eliminator now in the books, all eyes are firmly set on Rival Turf and it’s massive main event which will change the course of IPW forever!

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Photos by FutoPhoto

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