Fans Bring The Weapons Results

Fans Bring The Weapons Results

Two years of bad blood came to a head on July 24th at Mt Albert War Memorial Hall when Reuben de Jong and Vinny Dunn clashed with Ben Mana and Adam Avalanche in one of the most chaotic Fans Bring The Weapons matches to date. But before we get to that, let’s breakdown the rest of the night’s action;

The night kicked off with The Dapper Dynasty storming the ring, which turned into a confrontation with social media superstar William Waiirua, who was in attendance to watch the show. When it looked like a three on one beat down was about to take place, Matty Short and Liger came to Waiirua’s aid, resulting in a dance celebration much to the dismay of Liger. 

Matty Short and William Waiirua light up the ring with their dance moves, much to Liger’s disdain.

Liger and Short remained in the ring as they were set to challenge the new IPW New Zealand Tag Team Champions – Rufguts and Danny Octane, The Knights of Mayhem (with “That Bitch” Sabrina). It was a hard hitting, back and forth contest, but the Knights were relentless and showed they intend to be tag team champions for a very long time. 

In a rivalry that is quickly becoming very personal, Frankie Quinn put her New Zealand Women’s Championship on the line against the debuting Amber Saint. Quinn looked to teach Saint a lesson, attacking her with a flurry of offence. Despite this the “Glamour Ghoul” showed that she could hold her own as she managed to get some offence of her own in as well. The match concluded in typical CTRL fashion, with Saint’s stablemates Horus and Jake Shehaan getting involved allowing Saint to score the shock win and become the new IPW New Zealand Women’s Champion. 

Amber Saint scores the shock victory with the help from CTRL.

In an attempt to control the ever growing situation between Alex Savage and Will Stone, IPW General Manager David Dunn forced the dysfunctional duo to team up against the supergroup Church & State. Stone showed little to no interest in helping Savage, leaving the King of Mullet Style to fend for his own for a majority of the match. Towards the end of the match it looked as if Will Stone had a change of heart as he extended his hand out to Savage, but the reunion of Savage & Stone was quickly over when Will Stone hit Savage with a brutal low blow, allowing Church & State to get the win. 

Next up was what’s considered to be a dream match for many New Zealand wrestling fans, as  Jamie Tagataese went one on one with K9. This epic bout did not disappoint, with both men pulling out all of their arsenal in an attempt to take the other down. However, it was The Big Man who came out on top, hitting K9 with the Warhammer to put The Big Dog to sleep. 

K9 and Jamie Tagataese went to war against each other.

Two of IPW’s fastest rising stars faced off in Kinkade Cup action when the champion Horus defended the cup against Spartan. The match was competed under CTRL rules, where Horus is allowed to compete under no DQ rules, but the opponent is not. Despite the odds being clearly stacked against him Spartan managed to hold his own, taking Horus down with a series of epic suplexes. Much like the Women’s Championship match earlier in the night, the result came down to the numbers game, when Horus’s CTRL minions choked Spartan out to the point where the match had to be stopped. 

Spartan sends Kinkade Cup Champion Horus flying.

Before the next match could begin, Dion McCracken stormed the ring to confront David Dunn, continuing his campaign for The Savage Niwa to be brought back to IPW. After issuing a series of threats to the IPW General Manager, McCracken was escorted out of the ring by IPW security. McCracken has already guaranteed Niwa will be at the next IPW show, whether Dunn has arranged a match for him or not. 

The next match saw Charlie Roberts look to seek revenge for the Mt Eden Screwjob, as he challenged the IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Jake Shehaan. With the Knights of Mayhem being his back up, it looked like an even playing field between Roberts and Shehaan. In an extremely aggressive contest, both competitors looked to maximise damage on the other. Despite several close calls from The Alphalete, Shehaan used the championship belt to gain the advantage, continuing CTRL’s reign over IPW.

However the controversy didn’t stop when the bell rang, as CTRL continued to assault Charlie Roberts after the match. The Knights of Mayhem quickly took to the ring to clear house, but in one of the most shocking turns in recent IPW history, Rufguts, Danny Octane, and Sabrina turned on Roberts, joining CTRL and beating Charlie Roberts unconscious. Now that CTRL has all the gold, who will be able to stop them?

The Knights of Mayhem shock the IPW fans by turning on Charlie Roberts and joining CTRL.

The main event was one two years in the making, as The Dapper Dynasty and Manalanche looked to end their feud in Fans Bring The Weapons. It was one of the most chaotic and violent Fans Bring The Weapons matches in recent history, with Reuben de Jong being busted open early on in the match. After attacking each other with canes, bats, traffic cones, tables, keyboards and much, much more, the conclusion of the match saw Reuben De Jong and Ben Mana climb atop a ladder. These behemoths went back and forth, but it was the assistance of Gary O Davis that saw De Jong push Mana from the ladder, sending him crashing through a table and allowing Vinny Dunn to score the pinfall. The images of weapons scattered across Mt Albert War Memorial Hall and De Jong’s bloody face are ones that fans will not be forgetting for quite some time. Now that this feud has seemingly concluded, what’s next for The Dapper Dynasty and Manalanche in IPW?

Vinny Dunn scores the win over a bloody Ben Mana.

You can watch the full show at SPW On Demand, along with a catalogue of other IPW shows. 

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