Two years in the making: Dapper Dynasty vs. Manalanche in Fans Bring The Weapons

The countdown is nearly over.

This Saturday, July 24, 2021 at the Mount Albert War Memorial Hall the two year blood feud between the Dapper Dynasty and Manalanche reaches its crescendo when “Te Tahi” Vinny Dunn and Reuben de Jong face Ben Mana and Adam Avalanche in a match that has become synonymous with IPW after it debuted almost twenty years ago: Fans Bring The Weapons!

There is a sense of inevitability surrounding this match. Looking back it had to come to this. Both factions have brutalized each other to escalating extremes, be it with chairs, cinder blocks or sledgehammers, the stakes have risen to the point that fate of these men is literally in the hands of you, the fans.

Arguably, the advantage goes to the Dappers who not only are buoyed by Vinny Dunn’s experience in this match but by their ruthless mean streak and complete lack of care for the wellbeing of their opponents. But Manalanche have been pushed to the brink by their rivals and come match day may very well display a vicious streak unlike any they have shown before. Indeed if they plan on walking out of Fans Bring The Weapons, they have to.

On July 24th there will be no winners in this war, only survivors.

Be there.

Fans Bring The Weapons tickets available here or at the door on the night.

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