Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand appoints David Dunn General Manager

The Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand Board of Directors are pleased to appoint David Dunn as the new General Manager of IPW.

A well respected figure in the New Zealand wrestling scene, David brings to the table a wealth of experience as a commentator and announcer for various promotions including IPW and SPW, as well as a journalist for New Zealand’s pro-wrestling news site NZPWI.

After a long hiatus without a General Manager, the Board of Directors made the decision to bring Dunn into the role to use his expertise to manage IPW’s live events and roster, saying; “David Dunn is someone with a vast knowledge of New Zealand wrestling and it’s history. He’s been a part of the scene for many years and has rich experience across many fields. At live events he’s hands on with helping our production set up, as well as being our commentator and ring announcer. We’re confident that he will excel in the General Manager role”.

We are excited to have David on board as our General Manager and look forward to seeing what he has in store for IPW.

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