Let the Divine Light shine! Saint Finn interview.

Let the Divine Light shine! Saint Finn interview.

The Church of the Divine Light recently granted us an exclusive interview with Saint Finn. Since joining the congress in 2019, Finn has been an integral role in it’s success in Impact Pro Wrestling. We discuss how he joined the Divine Light and what his mission is.

You started off with Impact Pro Wrestling as a referee – how does one go from referee to a Saint of the Divine Light?

It was easy – I saw what nobody else saw in what Our Savior, James Shaw, was preaching. The Divine Light helped James perform a miracle, and brought him back from the brink of retirement. As a referee, nobody gave me any respect, but as a follower of The Divine Light I have earned the respect of James Shaw – what more could one ask for?

After spending quite some time as James Shaw’s ward, you’ve had breakout performances against the Knights of Mayhem and most recently in the Kinkade Cup match at Fallout. What are Saint Finn’s in ring aspirations? 

MY aspirations are the aspirations of James Shaw – to remain IPW Tag Team Champions forever so that we can increase our platform when spreading the good word of The Divine Light. If I can pick up some trophies along the way to impress the unwashed, then I shall do so under the guidance of James Shaw and The Divine Light.

What exactly are your Divine Light duties outside of spreading the word at IPW shows? 

I keep myself fit to fight the good fight of The Divine Light, I recruit followers, train existing followers, and most importantly – collect donations from the unwashed.

Speaking of donations, please look out for donation boxes at your next IPW show – and buy the t-shirts with my face on them (only available in Divine White). All proceeds go directly to whoever The Divine Light deems worthy.

Church & State look to put their feud with the Knights of Mayhem to bed at The Eliminator. How are you preparing for Rufguts and Danny Octane now they are more determined than ever? 

I have been preparing by punishing my fellow followers who almost cost us our IPW Tag Team Championships at Fallout – and who cost me my Kinkade Cup opportunity. I myself have been busy training, praying, and raising funds in the name of The Divine Light.

And finally, is there a message from the Divine Light that you’d like to share?

Absolutely – if you would like to become closer with The Divine Light, please consider buying a t-shirt in his name, or better yet, donate selflessly to our donation box. If you shamefully cannot attend, you can simply buy a shirt using the following links:



Tickets for The Eliminator are available here.

Follow Saint Finn on Twitter.

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