We take a look at Frankie Quinn vs. Candy Lee ahead of Fallout!

At IPW March To War, Frankie Quinn scored the biggest win of her career by pinning Candy Lee to win the IPW New Zealand Women’s Championship in a triple threat match which also included Britenay. Indeed it was Britenay who put down Lee long enough for Quinn to toss Britenay out of the ring and cover Lee for the championship.

Arguably, the champion has more to prove than the challenger heading into Fallout; Can Frankie Quinn defeat Candy Lee one-on-one?

Lee is the longest reigning New Zealand Women’s Champion in IPW history, no small feat and is wildly popular among fans while Quinn is one of the most prolific and successful wrestlers the New Zealand scene has ever produced.

This match has that big fight feel about it, with not only bragging rights at stake but the opportunity to lead the IPW women’s division into the future on the line as well.

Only one wrestler can walk out the winner but in a match up this close, it’s impossible to call and that’s what makes Lee vs. Quinn so exciting. Both women will lay it on the line to be declared the winner when the final bell rings.

It will be this drive and dedication that the champion will need moving forward because waiting in the wings is a locker room full women eager to step up and claim the mantle for themselves. Certainly, it seems we are on the verge on a women’s wrestling renaissance and whoever leads the division as champion will need to be ready for the onslaught!

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