Who will be the Last Man Standing at Fallout?

Who will be the Last Man Standing at Fallout?

fallout /ˈfɔːlaʊt/ noun the adverse results of a situation or action.

At IPW March To War, Niwa came so close to lifting the IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship from Jamie Tagataese, he could taste it. After punishing the resilient Big Man in a brutal, hard hitting match, Niwa was caught off guard by a quick roll up from the champion for the win. Enraged, Niwa delivered an earth shattering powerbomb to Tagataese after the match and through his new manager, Dion McCracken made the challenge for a rematch which was accepted by the two-time champion.

The bout was set for IPW Fallout on May 15th at the Mt. Eden War Memorial Hall and the stipulation that this would be a Last Man Standing Match was added. The fans in attendance are guaranteed to see a war for the ages when these two behemoths collide inside… and outside of the ring! The chaos we saw at March To War was just a precursor of what is to come. There will be no disqualifications, no count-outs, anything goes. The only way to win will be by beating your opponent so severely that he cannot answer the referee’s ten count.

Both men are capable of dishing out and enduring a lot of punishment but it’s anyone’s guess who will emerge victorious next weekend. Niwa has been on a tear since returning to Aotearoa after successful runs, competing overseas and shows no signs of slowing down and with New Zealand’s winningest manager Dion McCracken in his corner, Niwa may well be unstoppable.

Conversely, Jamie Tagataese is no pushover. He is arguably the most dominant chain in the history of New Zealand wrestling and after adopting an even more aggressive streak in recent months, he may be willing to go to places he hasn’t before to maintain his position atop the mountain.

Regardless of who walks out with the championship on May 15th, one thing is for sure; both gladiators will give everything they have to walk out champion and the last man standing will stand tallest.

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