The Nu Blood on the block! Zac Hayle and Kid Nova interview.

We recently caught up with Zac Hayle and Kid Nova, two of NZ wrestling’s most exciting up and coming talents. Debuting in 2020 after graduating from IPW’s training school, Hayle and Nova struggled to find their footing as singles competitors, and have recently joined forces to form the tag team Nu Blood. They speak to us about their formation, debut, and plans for the future.

You both made your IPW debuts as singles competitors, when did you realise there was potential for a tag team?

Zac Hayle: Nova and I have been friends for a little while now so it was always an idea in the back of our heads, but it wasn’t until I watched his match with Will Stone that I realised how similar our styles were and I thought “hey we could actually make something of this!”

Kid Nova: It was probably when Zac attempted to save me when I got jumped by the Dapper Dynsasty after my match with Will Stone. Have you seen how big Reuben is? You gotta have some guts to storm the ring when someone like him is in there.

How did the name “Nu Blood” come about?

ZH: Both myself and Kid Nova are the most recent debutants from the IPW training school, we are the “new bloods” to the wrestling scene in New Zealand, and it’s something we are actually quite proud of. We wanted our name to reflect our journey to make it here in IPW.

KN: It’s been a looooooong road for us to get to this point and we wanted a name that would help make a statement. We may be the new kids on the block, but don’t underestimate us.

Your tag team debut got turned on its head when it became an eight man tag team match against Church & State, which you ended up being on the losing end of. What was it like being out there as the chaos unfolded, and how did you feel afterwards?

ZH: Of course it’s never what you would hope for in your tag team debut but it was an eye opener for us. We realised not every match will go the way you want and you have to be prepared for everything.

KN: Well, a personal highlight was being knocked unconscious by our ‘teammates’ so that was fun, shout out Knights of Mayhem! We really don’t seem to be making a whole lot of friends here huh? I feel a win there would’ve really helped prove we belong here in the IPW tag division but I guess it wasn’t meant to be… Just another few dudes to add to the list of scores to settle.

Recently you’ve faced each other in singles competition across the North Island, has that had any affect on your dynamic as a team?

ZH: If anything it’s only grown our respect for each other as competitors. Nova has been pushing me to my limit and it’s helped me grow and adapt as a professional wrestler.

KN: I’d say it’s given us a better understanding of what each of us can do, and also what it’s like to stand across the ring from one another. It’s great to wrestle someone you know so well because it pushes you to perform at your highest level and pull out new tricks.

At Fallout you face Short Tempered and The Dapper Dynasty, last time you were in the ring with the Dynasty you ended up taking a sledgehammer and cement block combo. What are you feeling heading into a match with Dunn and De Jong?

ZH: I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to getting some payback on The Dapper Dynasty, but they aren’t the only other team in the match. I think it’s one of those times where we’ll need to put our beef with them on the back pedal for now and just focus on picking up the win.

KN: Big fan of Matty and Liger though, what a cool tag name! Should be fun!

And finally, what do you see for Nu Blood in 2021?

ZH: Nu Bloods are here and we’re here to stay. Nova and I are gonna have a lot of fun showing New Zealand what we’re capable of over the coming year.

KN: Maybe we’ll even pick up some gold along the way!

Tickets for Fallout are available here.

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