March To War Results

This past weekend, IPW returned to the Mt Eden War Memorial Hall for the 2021 edition of March To War!

After retaining his championship with a controversial low blow against Charlie Roberts at Hot Summer Fights, IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Jamie Tagataese looked to upend one of his most formidable opponents to date in Niwa, who was flanked by New Zealand’s winningest manager, Dion McCracken. The match began as an evenly matched affair with the two big men exchanging strikes before Niwa began man-handling Tagataese in an impressive display of strength. The two men brawled around ringside, whipping each other into the steel barricade with McCracken laying the boots into The Big Man for good measure. With the champion on the back foot, Niwa appeared poised for victory when he was caught in a roll up by Tagataese for the three count. Jamie wasn’t able to celebrate though, as Niwa choked him out with a chain before delivering an earth shattering powerbomb with frightening ease. Tagataese may have score the win but Niwa was the last man standing.

Tagataese may have retained the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship, but Niwa was the last man standing at March To War.

In other action, Candy Lee’s historic 463 day reign as IPW New Zealand Women’s Champion came to an end in a triple threat match between herself, Britenay and Frankie Quinn. In a hard fought battle, the three wrestlers gave the best they had in order to prove their superiority and claim the championship. In the end, Quinn was able to dispatch Britenay just long enough to cover Lee and become the IPW Women’s Champion for the first time in her nine year career.

The new New Zealand Women’s Champion – Frankie Quinn.

The IPW New Zealand Tag Team Championship would be claimed by the coalition between the Young Nats and the Church of the Divine Light; Church & State when the new supergroup defeated champions Manalanche in a five on two handicap match. Adding injury to insult, the Dapper Dynasty stormed the ring following the match to assault Manalanche and send them packing from IPW permanently, with Reuben de Jong using a sledgehammer to break a cinderblock on the chest of Adam Avalanche! The Dappers had a mixed evening earlier with Will Stone retaining the Kinkade Cup in a competitive bout with Lance Havoc while Te Tahi Vinny Dunn and Reuben de Jong came up on the losing end of their encounter with The Knights of Mayhem. Dunn was even on the end of a slap to the face from Sabrina after his ill-fated attempts at flirting.

Church & State now rule the tag team division.

CTRL’s Horus was in no mood for Matty Short’s antics or the heckling from a very vocal crowd, using his anger as fuel en route to win over the former Kinkade Cup holder. Liger, apparently seeing more in Matty Short than his hip gyrations, chastised him after his loss and vowed to teach him to take himself and his wrestling, more seriously.

Finally, the match to determine the Number One Contender to the IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship between Charlie Roberts and Cam Kaiba never even got started as the intensity between the two spilled over to the point that referees were shoved away and ring announcer David Dunn was knocked to the ground. The ring filled with IPW personnel attempting to pull the two men apart. The tension in the air was palpable and it begs the question, can these two keep their rivalry in check long enough to even get a match between them started.

After the shocks and chaos of March To War, what will be the fall out? Stay tuned to IPW’s social media and website to find out!

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