Who Deserves To Be New Zealand Women’s Champion?

Who Deserves To Be New Zealand Women’s Champion?

At wrestling events around the world, fans will often voice their approval of a wrestler’s success with three short words chanted in unison: you deserve it.

As we approach March To War however, it is not a chant but a question that hangs heavy in the air when considering the triple threat match between Britenay, Frankie Quinn and IPW New Zealand Women’s Champion, Candy Lee and that question is, who deserves it?

Britenay and Quinn have made no secret of their belief that they respectively deserve to be the champion, after each woman called out Lee for not participating at Hot Summer Fights. For her part, Lee has proven to be a dominant and extremely popular champion over her two reigns. So, let’s take a look at the case for each woman and, if possible try to determine if one more than the others is more deserving of the championship.


Britenay stands on the cusp of making history. If she can win the IPW New Zealand Women’s Championship one more time she will become the first five time champion, regardless of gender, in IPW history. She has been a mainstay of the women’s division since it’s inception and has proven to have the mettle and tenacity needed to sit at the top; it may only be a matter of time before she sits there again, championship in hand.

Frankie Quinn

Frankie Quinn has carved out a reputation as a formidable professional wrestler throughout New Zealand since debuting in 2012. Arguably one of the hardest workers on the Kiwi scene, she has won numerous titles throughout her career as well as the respect of her peers. However, the IPW New Zealand Women’s Championship has eluded her; capturing the title would likely be the defining moment of Quinn’s career.

Candy Lee

Candy Lee is potentially the most popular IPW New Zealand Women’s Champion of all time. Unapologetically herself, Lee has built a loyal and passionate fan base. But is her heart still in it? Both Britenay and Quinn have, in their words, called out Candy Lee for a lack of dedication to IPW and the fans. Lee has remained uncharacteristically silent regarding these claims, so it’s difficult to know if they are fair. One thing is for sure though, Lee has been a dominant champion and words don’t win wrestling matches.

So, who deserves it?

Perhaps that’s not the question we should be asking. All three women deserve to be champion. They wouldn’t be in this triple threat match at March To War if they didn’t. This weekend it will come down to who can outlast their opponents and when the final bell rings, the winner will be the wrestler who earned it.

Candy Lee defends the IPW New Zealand Women’s Championship against Britenay and Frankie Quinn at March To War. Tickets available at https://bit.ly/3rKzFYl

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