Hot Summer Fights: Tensions Reach A Boiling Point At IPW’s First Show Of The Year

Hot Summer Fights: Tensions Reach A Boiling Point At IPW’s First Show Of The Year

On the heels of an epic Nightmare Before Christmas, Impact Pro Wrestling roared into 2021 with Hot Summer Fights!

It was a night of twists and turns, highlighted in the main event two-out-of-three-falls match between IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Jamie Tagataese and Charlie Roberts. After Roberts scored the first fall of the match, Tagataese went on the war path, unable to believe that Roberts had gotten the better of him.

Jamie Tagataese refused to shake Charlie Roberts’ hand after their match at Hot Summer Fights.

Tensions reached boiling point when the champion shockingly kicked the challenger below the belt leading to Jamie claiming the second fall. Determined to prove that Charlie Roberts “wasn’t his equal” Tagataese displayed a ferocity rarely seen in his career and despite a valiant effort to prove the Big Man wrong, the Alphalete was felled by a vicious torture rack, leading to the win for the champion.

Earlier in the night, Matty Short faced Will Stone in a Kinkade Cup match in which managers taller than six feet were banned from ringside. This saw Reuben de Jong ejected from Stone’s corner. It was to no avail though as Stone pinned Short to win the trophy and continue his rise through the ranks.

De Jong and Dunn failed to capture the tag titles, but the Dapper Dynasty still walked away with gold courtesy of Will Stone.

The Dapper Dynasty’s luck didn’t last though as de Jong and ‘Te Tahi’ Vinny Dunn were bested by IPW Tag Team Champions Manalanche in a rematch from Nightmare Before Christmas. The match was an intensely personal affair. As the behemoths battled in the ring, Alex Savage attacked his former tag team partner, Will Stone at ringside until the pair brawled to the backstage area. Savage had made his unexpected return to IPW earlier in the night with an impressive win over the musical monster, Axl Stirling in a highly physical encounter.

After their championship match at CTRL ALT DELETE last year ended in controversial fashion, Cam Kaiba and Jake Shehaan were set to do battle one more time. Shockingly, Kaiba unleashed on Shehaan like a house of fire, scoring a quick upset by submission in under two minutes! After a number of setbacks in recent months, the question must be asked; What’s next for CTRL?

Britenay called out Candy Lee after her match at Hot Summer Fights.

Controversy reigned following a competitive intergender tag team match between Liger & Britenay and the team of Spartan and Frankie Quinn. After coming up on the losing end, Britenay grabbed a microphone and vented her frustrations towards IPW Women’s Champion Candy Lee. Britenay, frustrated with “filling in” for the champion in the tag team match demanded a shot at the champion and her title at IPW March To War. How will Candy Lee respond?

James Shaw is known for his unpredictable nature and that was on show at Hot Summer Fights. At the onset of a four corners tag team match, scheduled to be the Knights Of Mayhem vs. The Young Nats vs. Kid Nova & Zac Hayle vs. The Church of the Divine Light, the Divine Saviour and Sir Mr. Burns announced the formation of their powerhouse group, Church & State! The new coalition then challenged The Knights of Mayhem, Zac Hayle and Kid Nova in an eight man tag team match, securing a victory and sealing their union with the second most uncomfortable handshake in New Zealand history.

After such an eventful night, what will be the fallout from Hot Summer Fights? Join us live at the Mount Eden War Memorial Hall for March To War on Saturday 20th March to find out!

IPW Presents: March To War. Saturday, 20th March. Mt Eden War Memorial Hall. Tickets on sale 9am 12/02/21 from

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